High temperature tape inorganic adhesive

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-09
Surface treatment method of the joint

①Use a wire pin wheel to polish the surface of the cloth layer and the transition zone into a rough shape. Note: The purpose of polishing is to remove surface contamination and increase the surface activity and roughness of the glue and cloth. Retaining the adhesive on the cloth layer is beneficial to the adhesive force of the high temperature tape joint. Be careful not to damage the cloth layer when sanding.

② Apply glue on the polished cloth layer and the transition surface of the reference line.

③Apply the glue twice. When the glue is applied, do not do too much and do not miss the application. The thickness of the first brushing is about 0.1mm, and the thickness of the second brushing is about 0.2mm. Each time you brush the glue, you must let it dry. The purpose of drying is to evaporate all the solvent in the glue. The degree of drying can be lightly glued with fingers, and it is suitable to not stick to hands.

④When the glue is dry to the touch, you can proceed to the next step.

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