High temperature textured paper tape what purposes

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
High temperature textured paper tape at a speed of more frequent now appears in our daily life and learning to work, because this tape has not only a variety of colors, the most important thing is really very useful! ! Practical to if you have not used high temperature textured tape, like miss five million in vain! It is because he has a lot of advantages, and widely used. High temperature textured paper tape should have so many USES, watching you.

1。 The material of high temperature textured paper tape

high temperature textured paper tape of the main raw material is very simple, that is it is crepe paper and pressure sensitive glue and made, crepe paper one side coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, the other side is coated with tape adhesion material. But don't look down upon these materials, although it sounds simple, but it has a strong resistance to high temperature, not only that there is resistance to dissolve, more don't have to worry about will appear after remove the residual gum, embarrassing phenomenon occurs, will give the user a perfect impression.

2。 High temperature textured paper tape use

high temperature textured paper tape and resistance to high temperature textured paper tape, temperature in normal temperature textured paper tape, textured paper tape, customers can choose according to their use and demand. High temperature textured paper tape, although can be high temperature resistant, but usually is widely used at room temperature, they can be used for decoration of the house, paint, color separation, so that the electronics industry, not to mention how many advantages, is endless!

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