How far is my country from the world's trading power

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-27
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 13 Special topic: How far is my country from a world trading power The figures released by the Ministry of Commerce's Industry Department in the first four months of this year showed that my country’s exports of laptop computers exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars, and mobile phone exports exceeded 100 million during the same period. Department. This achievement is gratifying. However, relevant experts believe that there is also... Xinhua News Agency Beijing June 13 special report: How far is my country from a world trading power The figures released by the Ministry of Commerce Industry Department recently showed that my country’s export of portable computers exceeded 100 in the first four months of this year. Billion U.S. dollars, and over 100 million mobile phones were exported during the same period. This achievement is gratifying. However, relevant experts believe that it cannot be said that the scientific and technological content of my country's export products has been greatly improved. A statistics from the China National Light Industry Council shows that my country’s furniture, household appliances, daily-use ceramics, cultural, educational and sporting goods, bicycles, clocks, sewing machines, leather, electric light sources and lamps, pens, musical instruments, toys, glasses, down and other industries are exported Both are among the top exports in the world. The export volume of daily-use ceramics accounts for 65% of the world’s total exports, the bicycle industry’s export volume accounts for 70% of the world’s exports, and the household appliances industry products have been exported to more than 200 countries and regions in the world. In terms of quantity alone, my country is currently sitting on top of one another in the international trade structure. However, more than 95% of enterprises in my country do not have their own patents, and many enterprises are in a state of manufacturing but not creating. At present, only about three-tenths of a million companies have core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in China. As the main manifestation of innovative technology, my country has only one-thirtieth of those of Japan and the United States. Coupled with the low conversion rate of my country’s scientific and technological achievements, 90% of my country’s exports are OEM products, and Guangdong’s self-owned brand exports, which account for one-third of the country’s exports, account for only about 3% of the province’s exports. , Shanghai, Zhejiang Province's own brand exports accounted for less than 10%. Although the export of high-tech laptop computers and mobile phones has maintained the top two positions of my country’s largest exports in the past few months, the export channels and special technologies of my country’s mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products are basically controlled by foreign capital. In the hands of the enterprise. In addition, due to the lack of core technology and independent brands, my country has to pay 20% of the selling price of each domestic mobile phone and 30% of the selling price of the computer to foreign patent holders every year. The investigation report of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce once pointed out that many multinational companies, including Microsoft and Eastman Kodak, have occupied monopoly positions in related fields in the Chinese market. If things continue like this, even if China's total foreign trade jumps from third to first in the world, it will not be possible to become a trading power. Fortunately, a year ago, the Ministry of Commerce, together with the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, jointly issued the 'Guiding Opinions on Supporting the Development of Famous Export BrandsRecently, the brand Wanlixing has also kicked off with great momentum. Relevant government departments, experts and scholars have a clear consensus: Compared with developed countries, my country’s biggest gap is the lack of patents and internationally renowned brands; many industries have a large number of products in the world market, but the added value of products is low, and sales The proportion of the amount is relatively small. Relevant experts pointed out that in order for my country to become a world trade power, its products must first occupy a considerable share of the world market. Secondly, we must have well-known independent brand products with a certain influence in the world and master core technology. Third, there must be a group of world-renowned top companies and entrepreneurs. Fourth, we must have an innovation system with independent intellectual property rights, as well as a green industry that conserves resources and energy and sustains development.
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