How high temperature textured paper tape, respectively, with the average U. S. profile of paper tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

high temperature textured paper tape, just as its name implies is that can be used under the environment of high temperature textured paper tape, is a kind of more special adhesive, general heat temperature can reach 120 ℃ 180 ℃, some even can reach above 260 ℃ of heat-resistant, commonly used in automobile paint, paint, leather processing, coating cover and electronic parts making, printed circuit boards and other high temperature fixed and covered.

this kind of high temperature adhesive tape is to use special crepe paper and glue, craft than regular U. S. profile of paper tape will come and complex, so the cost of production is higher than ordinary crepe paper. So there is some bad vendors using common base material or glue, instead of making high temperature of crepe paper or glue, to achieve the purpose of saving the cost of production. Thus greatly reduced the product temperature tolerance, because the two U. S. profile of paper tape don't see what's the difference on appearance, so consumer is difficult to detect.

in order to avoid the this kind of situation, first adhesive to introduce a simple identification method & ndash; — As long as the U. S. profile of paper tape side without glue on the lighter roast a three to five seconds, reoccupy hand touch them, if is normal textured paper tape, there will be adhesive to hand, high temperature textured paper tape is not the case. But at the time of identification to pay attention to safety. You can online consulting or call adhesive hotline 18055101581 more U. S. profile paper product information.

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