How is insulating tape made? Dongguan sealing tape production

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
With the improvement of people's lives, tape has been integrated into people's lives, the market competition is also very fierce, and the variety of tape is also increasing, so today we mainly want to know about insulating tape. We are all familiar with insulating tape. Many people will have some in their homes, and we will wrap them with insulating tape where the wires are broken and continue to use them. So for insulating tape, do you know what it is made of? Let's follow our Dongguan sealing tape production to see how the insulating tape is made! The insulating tape is mainly composed of a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a base tape during the production process. The base tape is generally made of synthetic fiber fabric, cotton cloth and plastic film. Dongguan sealing tape production. The adhesive layer of the insulating tape is made of compounding agents such as rubber and tackifying resin. The whole product has good viscosity and excellent insulation performance. , Electrical insulation protection and other characteristics.
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