How is the thickness of the tape measured? Production of transparent sealing tape

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
The production of transparent sealing tape will share with you: the thickness of the tape will affect the quality of the tape to a certain extent, so how should we conduct a professional tape thickness test? Thickness measurement is divided into two types: on-line test and off-line test. Off-line thickness measurement technology was first used for film thickness measurement. After that, with the continuous development of ray technology, the online thickness measurement equipment installed with the thin film production line was gradually developed. Online thickness measurement technology is completely different from non-online thickness measurement technology in test principle. Online thickness measurement technology generally adopts non-contact measurement methods such as ray technology, and non-online thickness measurement technology generally adopts mechanical measurement method or is based on eddy current technology or electromagnetic induction. The principle measurement method also adopts optical thickness measurement technology and ultrasonic thickness measurement technology. After the continuous development of modern technology, the testing technology used by our Foshan sealing tape customization has become more and more mature, and we will further innovate our own technology to provide you with high-quality tape.
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