How is the waterproof effect of cloth tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-10
I often hear customers ask if there is any waterproof cloth tape. Then after analysis, this kind of customer is generally more confused if the user sticks the cloth tape on the outdoor carpet, if it gets wet or rains, then whether the cloth tape can be waterproof without warping, I believe the majority Customers and friends should all mean this.

So good, let Jinshijin explain to you today whether the cloth tape has a waterproof effect? After our experiments and tests, we found that the cloth tape is waterproof, and the effect is quite good. If you don’t believe it, customers can experiment on their own. The test results are clear at a glance, and the test cost does not need much.

Now to explain to you why the cloth tape can be waterproof, the reason why the cloth tape can be waterproof is entirely because the surface of the cloth tape is coated with release silicone oil, plus one The layered release agent can easily peel off the adhesive surface. The surface is smooth and transparent, with waterproof function.

Okay, the test results of the waterproof effect of the cloth tape have been introduced above for everyone, and the reason is. I believe you should have a better idea.

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