How many people in Youyi R&D department?
In Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group Co., Ltd., the number of employees in the R&D department makes up at least 20% of the total. R&D differs from most corporate activities in that it is not intended to generate immediate profits, but often leads to greater risk and uncertain return on investment. This is a secret message for us. We spent years developing new services or products and improving existing services or products.

More and more famous distributors choose Yourijiu because of its high quality and competitive price. The adhesive tape series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The elements of fashion, style, and personality are added to the design of Yourijiu Stretch Film. The product is perfect for the prevention of cargo theft and illegal opening. Youyi has advanced production technology and mechanical equipment. The product can be used for various substrates, such as wood, paper, glass, plastic, and metal.

The guidance of colored masking tape will lead Yourijiu to move forward in a right way. Welcome to visit our factory!
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