How much do you know about Calgary, Alberta? A

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-22
If you're considering moving to Calgary, you might be confused by the street numbering system, which is done in quadrants. Did you know that until 1904, Calgary had street names instead of numbers? Some people wish the city had kept them and are lobbying for their return. Select neighbourhoods have both number and former name as a nod to the street names of over a century ago. One of the streets of Calgary has gained notoriety as 'The Red Mile'. After the 2003-2004 Calgary Flames Playoff run, a short stretch of 17th Avenue became the place for Flames fans to celebrate (or commiserate) after every game the Flames played. The Calgary Flames didn't begin in Calgary; they started out in Atlanta, Georgia and played there from 1972-1980 before their first game in Calgary on May 21, 1980. You may have seen lists of weird laws, so it may come as no surprise that Calgary has its fair share. You could be fined if you spit on the ground or stand on a public table or bench. Another law on the books goes directly against Canada's national firearms laws, as any person released from prison is entitled to a handgun, bullets and a horse to get them out of town without being molested. (Don't commit a crime in Calgary hoping for a free gun and horse; it doesn't work that way anymore!) Snowball throwing without the say-so of the mayor or the city council is forbidden by law. The Calgary Stampede is one of the most famous Calgary institutions. It was formally named the Calgary Stampede in 1912. In 1950, an interesting event happened concerning the First Nations peoples who were to populate the 'Indian Village' part of the Stampede. The Stoney tribe was angry about a ruling concerning the Village and boycotted the event. At the same time, torrential downpours made it the wettest Stampede on record and many jokes were told about the Stoneys' 'rain dance' (the tribe denied that they had ever put on any such thing.). In 1988, Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympics. This was the year that the Jamaican bobsled team catapulted to fame and became the inspiration for the 1993 Disney film 'Cool Runnings'. Canada won no gold medals in the 1988 Winter Olympics. The Calgary Fire Department explored the viability of biodiesel fuel for its fire trucks in 2004 by retrofitting one of its trucks to utilize the fuel. Biodiesel is a mix of petroleum products and oils extracted from grains such as canola. If you've always wanted to learn how to build an igloo, the University of Calgary has the right course for you. The course covers various shelters you can construct out of natural materials, including snow.
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