How much do you know about masking tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-07

Masking tape is mainly made of polyethylene resin, which is produced by mechanical and hand-made production methods. According to different temperatures, masking tape can be divided into: normal temperature masking tape, medium temperature masking tape and high temperature masking tape. According to the different viscosity, it can be divided into: low-viscosity masking tape, medium-viscosity masking tape and high-viscosity masking tape. According to the different colors, it can be divided into: natural masking tape, color masking tape, etc. According to different materials, it can be divided into two types: single-layer ordinary masking tape and composite masking tape. Thirdly, according to different uses, it can be divided into spray paint masking tape and spray tin masking tape.

Characteristics of composite masking tape

1. It is a self-adhesive adhesive tape based on resin-impregnated crepe paper;

2 Cured adhesive with special composition, provides excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, and does not leave any adhesive traces;

3, the tape can be easily bent, forming a curve to the circle to protect the edge There will be no breakage.

4. Good retention. The adhesiveness of the tape itself can still provide proper retention even under heavy pressure;

5. Easy to tear and convenient Operation, even if there is no scissors or blades, it can still be used conveniently;

6. Good adherence, the tape can be laid on a high-curved surface, and the thickness is enough without repairing;

7. Good smoothness, the tape substrate is smooth, and will not cause the user's skin sensitivity;

8, strong adhesion, instant tackiness, adhesive tape will be sticky as soon as it touches;


9, the basic color will not fade;

10, good solvent resistance, crepe paper base material can withstand solvent penetration;

11, high temperature resistance up to 230 degrees To 260 degrees.

The magical effect of masking tape

1. Sticky hair: The hair on the floor and carpet is unpleasant, can’t be pinched, can’t be swept away, and can’t be brushed away. However, family members have hundreds of green silks to metabolize every day, what should I do? One word: sticky! Find a wide roll of masking tape, tear it up after use, discard it as you use it, and even the dust on the ground is gone. Look, do you want to be clean? It's that simple!

2. When spraying or coloring, because the spraying range cannot be controlled, after spraying one color, you can paste masking tape along the side of the spray paint and continue to spray another color. When the tape is then removed, the paint spraying in the first step will not be damaged due to the non-adhesive characteristics of the masking tape.

3. You can replace the strapping tape as a strapping rope. The tape can be used to seal the box, or it can be transformed into a rope. It can be sealed up and down, left and right, and a hand-held position is reserved. If you are worried about the load-bearing strength, make a few more turns!

4. Used as a waste disposal tool: In die cutting work, it is used to extract the frame or edge waste of the product, and to assist the normal production of the product, and play a fixed role.

5. Used as the outer packaging rope of the die-cutting laser die.

When to use masking tape

First of all, we need to know that the use of masking tape needs to be determined according to the type of tile. If it is a relatively smooth tile (such as: polished Brick), so you don’t need it, so you don’t need to paste the masking paper. If the ground is a tile with dark patterns (such as antique tiles) or similar to the waist line, then use textured paper. There are a lot of dark pits or dark lines on the tiles. The remaining material overflowed during the construction of the beauty joint agent will easily penetrate into these dark pits or dark lines. It cannot be removed with a shovel. Even if it is removed, it may damage the tile surface. As for the waistline part, because it is a protruding part, it is possible that the material will stick to other parts without masking tape, so it is not easy to remove, so masking paper should be used.

The advantages of using masking tape

1. It is convenient to clean tiles with dark patterns, saving time and effort. The masking paper can effectively separate the excess material of the beautifying agent from the tiles. After the construction, it can be torn off directly, and the construction can be easily ended. There is no need to send workers to clean it the next day.

2, no spatula, no damage to the tiles. Now home decoration, the owners often choose antique bricks with uneven surfaces. It is more dangerous to clean them with a shovel. It is easy to damage the tile surface, and the construction is useless. If the wages are not returned, the owners will have to pay the owners. Textured paper has the characteristics of soft and compliant, easy to tear and no residual glue. It can be compliantly affixed to various tiles, easily removed after construction, and will not cause any damage to the tiles.

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