How much do you know about the production process of tape? Dongguan sealing tape wholesale

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Dongguan sealing tape wholesale shares with you: tape is widely used, so do you know what the production process of tape is? Let's learn about it together. The raw materials of plastic particles are added to the film blowing machine and blown into a plastic film with a width of about 1.3M. Then, according to the application of the tape, different plastic particles are selected and some special additives are added. In addition, after blowing the film, put the film on the coating machine to apply glue. In fact, this process is mainly based on the viscosity and use required by the tape to select the glue. After coating, it is our commonly used tape. Only However, the current one is still 1.3M wide and several hundred meters long with large rolls of plastic film, which are not separated. The last process of Dongguan sealing tape wholesale is to rewind the large roll of plastic film into a small roll of film through the rewinder as needed, which can be rewinded according to the length of the tape we usually use. .
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