How much does it cost to paint my car with an

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-22
If you have a low budget, then you'll want to use a single stage enamel paint. It's cheaper and faster. You basically have to lay 2-3 medium - wet coats on the car and in about 3 hours you can touch it. It won't be fully cured but it will be dry enough for you to lightly swipe your fingers over without causing any imperfections to the paint. The cost will be about $100.00 - $250.00 just for materials depending on the color, brand and amount of paint that you get. Remember this price is all materials. Masking paper, tape, plastic sheeting if needed etc. For an average size 4 door sedan up to a full size regular cab truck, a 1 gallon setup will be more than enough paint for you to complete your project. How much does it cost to paint my car using basecoat clearcoat paints? Basecoat clearcoat paints tend to cost more because it's a two stage paint. You have your basecoat, which is your color coat. You can get them in ANY color imaginable. From solid colors to metallics and pearls. Then, you have your clearcoat. Which is painted over your basecoat after it dries. Get it? two stage paint VS a single stage paint? I hope so. If you're still a little confused don;t worry, we show you all of this on video and explain the entire painting process so you know EXACTLY what to do and how to paint your car yourself. Just see what we offer inside the VIP Club & Community here. A basic basecoat clearcoat paint job will set you back for about $300 - $500 on average depending on the brand and quality of product that you get. For instance. At the moment you can get a gallon setup of a High-Solids polyurethane clearcoat by PPG for around $130.00. Here's the downloadable tech sheet for the PPG JC781 clear coat. That's NOT BAD! and the clear is good! The more expensive gallon setup from PPG called Concept Deltron 2002 runs about $250.00. And if you are doing something custom and special to your heart. Use this stuff. Here is the downloadable tech sheet on the Deltron DCU2002 Clear coat. Now you have an idea of what clear sells for. Now I'll give you a rough ball park on basecoat prices. When buying paint remember this. White colors are the cheapest paint to make and any form of red is the most expensive. When you get into chameleon it gets ridiculous. A quart of white base can range from $25.00 - $50.00 on average. You'll need about 2-3 quarts to paint a small to medium size car because when you mix your base, you'll end up with double. Base is always reduced 1/1. So, if you buy a quart of base (any color) and mix it for spraying, you'll end up with 1/2 gallon of sprayable material. Reds can range from $50.00 - $150. a quart. This can add a lot of money on to that bill. And when you get into Chameleon colors, I've seen the prices average $400. - 600. a quart of base. Hopefully now you get a better idea of automotive paint prices. Don't think that it's expensive either. There are ways to save money when spraying basecoat clearcoat jobs that can cut out 30-50% off your material cost. Like when spraying a full car the same color, you really don't need to buy a lot of base. Most times 1.5 - 2 quarts will be enough. There are also other places online that you can buy quality base and clear from. It need not be PPG. In conclusion, an average cost for an enamel paint job including ALL materials is about $100. - $250.00 on the high side. Average cost for basecoat clear coat paints. Base, clear, activator and reducer, some sand paper, masking paper and little bondo etc. You're looking at around $300. - $500. using quality materials.
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