How polypropylene adhesive tapes in low temperature construction

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Base material of polypropylene adhesive tape and rubber bonding force is very big, the uv resistance is very good, this kind of tape is not only in high temperature under construction can also at low temperature, then we is how to normal construction under low temperature, below we know together: < br / >
1, to manual winding polypropylene adhesive tape, pipe rack well first, on manual derusting, then besmear brushs primer, primer table after dry, need to hand tape and taut, in accordance with the requirements for lap winding polypropylene adhesive tape. < br / >
2, adopting power machine winding cold winding corrosion belt, put the pipes on the rubber wheel, start the gear, let pipeline uniform rotation, using electric wire brush cleaning, after besmear to brush paint, put tape on the scroll wrapping tape according to requirements of the lap. < br / >
only to master the correct construction method and effective implementation, to a greater extent ensure polypropylene adhesive tape after put into use not bad influence on effect because of the improper construction.
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