How should be stored after polyethylene tape produced?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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polyethylene tape production comes out, must enter warehouse warehousing service, not immediately sales and transportation. The warehouse must conform to the dry, clean, cool and conditions.

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polyethylene tape should be avoided in the sun insolates, prohibition and highly corrosive liquid together, at the time of deposit according to the different requirements of the specifications of the adhesive tape and to store classification, especially ordinary adhesive tape. Polyethylene tape is failure to resistance, uv protection and radiation protection advantage, but best properly keep before use, this will increase the service life of the adhesive tape, make its can achieve the most effective at work.

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store of adhesive tape is usually finished product adhesive tape, rolls must be placed in the process of pile up, the storage time is too long and regular turn. Always keep the warehouse clean and tidy, clean, because dirty adhesive tape bonding strength is far less, directly affect the quality of the adhesive tape. In the adhesive with broken, be sure to timely find out the reason, in order to avoid more polyethylene tape was broken.

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