How to choose polyethylene tape specifications

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

a, model ( Thickness) Select < br / >
according to the buried pipeline environment, the transmission medium, purposes, by the design unit of the project is to determine the polyethylene tape form level of coating thickness and construction structure requirements. SY / T0414 - 2017 standard its anticorrosive coating are rated o-level ( Coating thickness 0 or higher. 7毫米) And strengthening the level ( Coating thickness 1 or more. 2毫米) , strengthen level ( Coating thickness of 2 or more. 0毫米) 。 In the identified anticorrosive coating level, then determine the thickness of the polyethylene tape. Polyethylene tape reasonable collocation is the main factors influencing the quality and the engineering cost. < br / >
2, specification ( The width) Select < br / >
polyethylene tape width selection is mainly consideration of factors such as the engineering quality and construction convenience. If the anticorrosion adhesive tape width is wide, so it is easy to produce in the process of using buckling, affect the quality of anti-corrosion; If the anticorrosion adhesive tape narrow affect construction efficiency, progress. Visible, select the appropriate anticorrosive tape width is very important.

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