How to clean up the remaining sticky marks after removing the tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-05
For the adhesive marks on the surface of hard objects, we can apply nail polish remover to the surface of the object, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth; these marks can also be removed with industrial alcohol.

In addition, hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing stickers. Hand cream contains a lot of water (generally more than 70%), and the water contains a certain amount of surfactant. Surfactants have good wetting, penetrating and dissolving abilities, and can quickly penetrate between the adhesive and the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of removal. You can also find that some similar products, such as creams, facial cleansers, and detergents have the same effect.

For the more stubborn stickers on the carpet, the best way is to carefully trim off the stickers on the top of the carpet fluff. You can wipe it off with a rag dipped in alcohol.

What are the ways to remove the glue marks on the tape?

1. Turpentine: It is the pen lotion used when drawing. We can use a paper towel to stick some pen detergent on the offset printing area and wipe it off after a while.

2. Paste new and old scotch tape: This is the principle of using new scotch tape to glue down the old scotch tape. This method is often very practical.

3. Eraser: This is a common and simple method that everyone can think of. Of course, when the eraser is first used, it will become very dark. The glue will turn white after being wiped off.

4. Expired skin care products: Because it contains chemicals, these are very useful for removing the glue of the scotch tape.

5. The mixture of soap, ammonia and turpentine is also very effective.

6, Xin sodium water, paint thinner can remove the glue of the transparent tape.

7. Hair dryer: This method is also commonly used by people, using the principle of heating the glue to make it easier to fall off.

8, nail polish remover can also remove the offset printing of scotch tape.

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