How to deal with the glue where the tape has been stuck? transparent tape manufacturer

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
The transparent adhesive paper manufacturer shares with you: Method: Wipe, dip some alcohol with a paper towel (preferably with industrial alcohol, the best thing is that it can remove these residual gums very quickly and easily. The effect is also very good and very Convenience. There is another method, the usage is the same as alcohol acetone, its properties are incompatible with glues, hand cream, and it will get dirty dust or something. Just a little slower. Use less And thoroughly! First tear off the printed products on the surface, slowly rub with your thumb, and then squeeze some hand cream on it. During the pasting process of the transparent adhesive, the binding water in the middle of the tape is lost, and the bonding is tight. Yes It was found that the viscose started to gain weight and it was very clean. Multifunctional glue remover: the liquid will be dripped again, because the tape needs to be dripped layer by layer. Waterproof, you can drop the liquid again, and do the final treatment with transparent tape to remove the traces. Then the entire tape is torn off, if the conditions are right. This can save time.
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