How to detect the quality of the polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polypropylene adhesive tape is currently more environment-friendly adhesive tape, due to her performance advantage prominent, to a wide range of applications. Products with the features of easy construction, shock resistance, aging resistance, tensile, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, high bond strength. Polypropylene adhesive tape coating quality inspection of major projects done in brief.

visual appearance: visual inspection of pipeline anticorrosion coating, surface should be smooth, uniform lap, no beat, buckling and damaged.

peel strength: with cutter ring to open 10 mm wide, length is greater than 100 mm of anticorrosive coating, until the pipe body, then a 90 ° with spring balance and wall, pull open the speed is not more than 300 mm/min, determine the result.

spark leak detection: adjust electric spark leak detector, set greater than or equal to 5 v/m data, probe coating surface contact, by about 0. 2 m/s speed sliding, observe whether there is leakage or voltage breakdown point, not dozen spark as qualified.

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