How to detect the thickness of the polyethylene tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Polyethylene tape has been employed in many fields, and it is convenient to use and good can solve the problem of pipeline corrosion, in the construction of course also want to install the corresponding standards for the construction operation, but for the sake of adhesive tapes for use when there is no problem, many users will be tested for its thickness, that how to detect the thickness? Let's look at. < br / >
1, if the thickness of the polyethylene tape in the construction site testing, commonly used instrument is the thickness gauge, thickness gauge probe head pressure in coating surface, can obtain the result. < br / >
2, used in detecting the thickness of adhesive tape thickness gauge, is a small metal detection head dozen, bottom area is very small, when detecting head firm pressure on the coating surface, will collapse. < br / >
3, when using the thickness gauge testing, can be in polyethylene tape coating surface, a layer of flat plate MATS, respectively to detect the thickness of the plate, anti-corrosion layer and the thickness of the plate, then the total thickness minus the plate thickness can anticorrosive layer thickness are obtained. < br / >
in the construction of time in order to detect the thickness of the polyethylene tape, we can through the above approach to testing, of course, if you want to detect the thickness of the adhesive tape, the results are accurate, we at the time of testing must be in strict accordance with the correct method to operate, to ensure that the use of adhesive tape thickness conform to the relevant standards.
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