How to determine the binding effect of polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polypropylene adhesive tape of the cohesive force is a very important product performance indicators, it relates to the longer anticorrosive coating sealing effect. According to SY/T0414 - 2017 standard its cohesive force, there are two kinds of forms. One is a tape of primer on steel bond, and the other is the bond adhesive tape on the back. Feel sticky is not strong, do not represent the primer on steel bond is not enough. The greater the viscosity of the bond will not better instead of senses. Feel sticky tape, rubber liquidity compared commonly big, adhesive of cohesion decline, thus cause the loss of cohesive force of primer for steel. Polypropylene adhesive tape quality should be to judge the merits of the anticorrosive effect. Advice to choose initial viscosity is small, cohesion relatively large product can ensure the quality of the anticorrosive layer of permanent.

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