How to discern the stand or fall of anti-static PE bag quality?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Application of PE bag is gradually increasing, range of application has also been gradually expanded, so choose good quality PE bag has become particularly important, the following taught everyone to discern the stand or fall of quality of anti-static PE bag.     Generally good quality plastic bags is composed of polyethylene film, milky white, translucent, if you use a layer of hair is not the state, you can use several layers of plastic bags stacked up, the effect will be very obvious, it feels more lubrication with the hand, like coated with a layer of wax on the surface, if you forcibly shake, and has a crisp sound of ear, if it is a good quality bag, meet the fire burns easily, and the flame is yellow, burns and mucus dripping, and as the smell of the candle burning.

    Poor quality plastic bags are typically made from polyvinyl choride (PVC), if it does not add pigment, it is a transparent, and the surface feels sticky feeling, if you forcibly shake, there will be a low sound, and it meets the flame is not easy to burn, just left the fire will go out.     Above is the method to detect anti-static PE bag, hope to be of help. If you have more knowledge about PE bags to know, please call our company, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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