How to distinguish rubber type cloth tape and hot melt type cloth tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-05
The glue of rubber-type cloth tape is mainly based on rubber, and the color is mainly gray and black.
  The glue of hot-melt cloth tape is based on resin, and the color is mainly yellow and white.
  1. Definition of cloth tape The cloth tape is based on the thermal composite of polyethylene and gauze fiber. Coated with high-viscosity synthetic glue, it has strong peeling force, tensile strength, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is a high-viscosity tape with relatively strong adhesion.
  2. Application of cloth tape Cloth tape is mainly used for carton sealing, carpet jointing, heavy-duty strapping, waterproof packaging, etc. At present, it is also frequently used in the automobile industry and the papermaking industry in the electromechanical industry. It is used in places with better waterproof measures such as automobile cabs, chassis, and cabinets. Easy to die-cut processing.
  3. Classification of cloth tapes According to different glues, cloth tapes can be divided into hot melt cloth tapes and rubber cloth tapes.

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