How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bag

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bag, with small make up together to understand, basically see the following four aspects:

1, aluminum foil bag printing quality: see the joining together of two colors whether have obvious of the third color, physical figure of realistic level, the higher the better, see if there is a wire drawing, fog version, edition, printing and other phenomena.

2, aluminum foil bag materials: packing bags need no peculiar smell. Is faulty bags generally let a person feel do not conform to the hygiene standards, also may affect the normal use of the bag. If there is no peculiar smell, transparency, and need to check the bag is even, no matter how sense of impurities and so on.

3, the strong level of aluminum foil bag: bag fastness mainly divided into two kinds, in line with the strong and hot air solid degrees. Wuxi aluminum foil bag bag for materials and different levels of different so strong.

main distinction method is aimed at sealing side of the bag by hand. Made of nylon and high voltage composite membrane bag in general it is hard to tear by hand can be used to compare a heavy product such as stone, such as large particles, and hot sealing membrane made of OPP bag tear is good, can only put some light products; Tear the bag, to look at the shape of cross section and structure, if from evenly split between heat sealing bag, bag heat sealing is very poor, the packages to work open during the production process. If a tear from sealing side, heat sealing quality is better; Also look at the bag of composite reinforcement, the method is to first look at the gap in several layers of structure, reoccupy hand look at can you separate it, if it is not easy to separate, then composite fastness is good, the opposite is poor; In addition, the test bag firm level and at the same time it remains to be seen whether the bag surface bubbles or buckling, etc.

4, the uniformity of appearance: to observe the stiffness of the bag first. General flatness is higher, the better, but due to the difference of materials needed. Such as bags made of nylon and high voltage composite membrane, the heat sealing bag will have wavy; Remained to be seen whether the bag of trimming, as tidy as possible.

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