How to distinguish the quality of colored tape? BOPP sealing tape customized

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
BOPP sealing tape is customized to share with you: Colored tape is mainly designed for marking and masking purposes. Generally, there are more beige and khaki. Xiaoming now teaches you how to identify the quality of colored tapes. The most important thing is to see the thickness of the glue. If no glue is pulled apart or pulled apart in dots, there is a large amount of impurities in the glue, and the glue has no cohesion. The second is that there is too much water and it has evaporated. At this time, the initial adhesion of the tape has been greatly reduced, and the hand feel can be distinguished. Apply the yellow tape to the object, the better the masking, the thicker the glue and the better the quality. Compared with the appearance of the tape, the glue is less, the color of the whole roll of the doped tape is very dark, and the light transmittance of the tape is high after being pulled. The color of the whole roll of good tape custom-made by Chongqing Tape Factory is not much different from the color of the rolled one, because the good tape has strong shielding properties, and there is no superposition of colors. BOPP sealing tape customized
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