How to distinguish the quality of printing tape? BOPP tape manufacturer

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
BOPP tape manufacturer shares with you: With the improvement of people's lives, sealing tapes have been integrated into people's lives, and the market competition is also very fierce, so how can we choose a good sealing tape among these many sealing tapes? ? 1. Smell the smell, if the smell is strong and there is a sour smell, the holding power of this tape is very poor. 2. Looking at the brightness of the film, the color of the inferior tape will be dark. 3. The feel of the film is soft and good. The film selected for the tape is softer than Harima. In fact, the method of identifying the quality of the printing tape and other sealing tapes is similar, but there is still a little difference. BOPP tape production factory The printing tape is produced from the original BOPP film. It is not necessary to say much about its production process. The way to identify the quality of the printing tape is so simple, Mingan Packaging will tell you! We can distinguish the quality of the printing tape by the following criteria: 1. First of all, look at the initial adhesion of the printing tape. The initial adhesion is very important, and the initial adhesion directly affects the use of the printing tape. 2. The sticking force of the printing tape depends on the sticking time of the printing tape. Adhesive tapes with good adhesion are generally of better quality. 3. In the process of using the printing tape, you can see if it is easy to break. If it is easy to break, it means that the printing tape has been damaged during the production process. You can negotiate with the supplier about returning the goods.
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