How to do more safe food bag

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  1. Must first clear to permit to production and processing food plastic packaging bags, which functions of the concrete implementation. For a long time, some parts of the public health administrative department of food packaging production enterprises to implement the hygiene license issuing work of examination and approval. But in the administrative licensing law of the People's Republic of China issued and implemented, the health department was cancelled for the plastic packaging production and processing enterprises of health supervision work, now is still a blank, functional departments need to be clarified.

< br / > 2。 To strengthen the safety of the food plastic packaging certification work. In 2005, according to general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine work deployment, the related functional departments at all levels should strengthen the certification and accreditation work of food packaging products, food packaging products, especially plastic products ( Such as tableware, plastic bags, etc. ) To strictly carry out 'the measures for the management of food packaging product certification,' all of the food packaging materials must be put on the market through national certification.

< br / > 3。 Strictly control of raw materials, processing and plastic tableware, containers, food packaging materials, shall not use recycled plastics. The use of recycled plastics, also want to accord with GB - 4803 94 the food containers and packaging materials with polyvinyl chloride resin health standard ', and through strict sanitary inspection. It is prohibited to use soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic food bags containing plasticizers.

< br / > 4。 Additive stood on guard a pass. We will strictly in accordance with the GB9685 - 2003 the food containers and packaging materials YongZhuJi use of health standard 'the provisions of the organization production and processing. Additives used must be allowed to use the directory, and in accordance with the provisions, the amount of fair use.

< br / > 5。 Strict control of printing. Printing process should advocate the use of benzene solvents, ink and coating, to avoid the benzene pollution of food.

< br / > 6。 Strict environment. For production of packaging products can be used in food, also can be used in chemical industry and other general-purpose production enterprise, request the production processing place should have 'three anti' ( Rat, flies, dust) Facilities. From personnel of course of study to the healthy check-up, obtains the certificate next to mount guard, at the same time, should maintain good personal hygiene.

< br / > 7。 Strengthen supervision, bat heavy penalties. Related functional departments should according to the national standards for the food packaging products, management norms, certification implementation rules, the patrol, careful, regular inspection, supervision and spot check regulation measures, such as for small businesses and family workshops enterprises, did not get a certificate of investigation dynamics, ensure the quality of the product.

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