How to improve the service life of the polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Polypropylene tape to use very convenient, and can help users solve the problem of pipeline corrosion protection, but often the user tape when the choose and buy, the first concern is the quality of the products, also is the life of the adhesive tape, the quality of the product is actually affect the service life of reason, so there is a correlation between, of course can also through the corresponding method to improve the service life of the tape, then how can we improve the service life of the tape? < br />
1, when choosing polypropylene adhesive tape, must choose normal manufacturer of the product. < br />
2, in strict accordance with the requirements of construction pipe derusting, all sorts of problems timely repair line, after only conform to the requirements of the construction can begin brushing primer. < br />
3, improve the level of construction of polypropylene adhesive tape, ensure uniform pipe primer coating, tape wrapping no bubble, fold and so on. < br />
4, adhesive tape, after the completion of construction and detection of edm, inspect construction quality is qualified. < br />
5, in the process of pipeline operation, should be regularly check the tape coating, found the problem after timely treatment. < br />
above all is to improve the service life of the polypropylene adhesive tape method, the choose and buy and construction in the process of note that the above five requirements, and to perform in accordance with the requirements, will help to improve its service life, the service life of it will achieve ideal date above. Of course in time must pay attention to the construction method, construction to ensure that the product can better help pipeline corrosion problem.
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