How to judge the viscosity of sealing tape? Customized transparent tape in Dongguan

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Dongguan transparent tape custom-made to share with you: There are mainly 1 test methods for the adhesiveness of the adhesive tape. Initial adhesiveness: that is, the ability to test the initial adhesion of the adhesive tape to the adherend. Roll down naturally, and increase the size of the steel ball in turn. The larger the steel ball it can stick to, the greater the initial adhesion. 2. Stickiness: that is, after the tape is completely adhered to the object, the continuous ability of the stickiness, the usual test The method is: stick the surface of the two steel plates with tape of the specified size, then hang one steel plate on the tester, and the other hangs a 1KG weight to see how long the two steel plates can last without separation. 3. Peeling force test: stick a specific steel plate with a standard width tape, and then use a robot to tear the tape from the steel plate. The stable force of the robot reflects the size of the peeling force.
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