How to judge whether a qualified polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
If you choose the quality of the products unqualified polypropylene adhesive tape, so can't perform its stability in the later use use effect, it will reduce its service life, so we must learn to judge when the choose and buy the product is qualified, then we will see together. < br />
1, should take a closer look at it when get polypropylene adhesive tape on the edge of whether bright and clean, if there is any damage to the phenomenon of burrs, we by the naked eye can be identified, qualified adhesive tape is no burrs, on the edge of the purchase when we want to see if there is any breakage. < br />
2, the polypropylene adhesive tapes for cracks on the phenomenon, in the product because the knife is not sharp cutting the surface has crack phenomenon will occur. < br />
3, see the cutting face whether level off, if cut will affect the subsequent processing not neat, rewinding tape to ensure the firmness consistent, otherwise the quality of the products will be affected by a lot of. < br />
4, processing before you can see a sampler viscosity, experienced people can feel with the hand. < br />
through the above analysis, we polypropylene adhesive tape must notice when the choose and buy other peripheral for cracks and its specifications, this is for us to observe carefully, and its thickness is close, and so on all need more attention.
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