How to perfect solve the problems of the U. S. profile of paper tape case become warped

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

    U. S. profile of paper tape in our daily life and are widely used in all walks of life, but the problems a masking tape, and is used for a long time after its edge case become warped, make it less sticky a lot. Good quality U. S. profile of paper tape is a very long time to become warped, poor quality of masking tape might be a few hours case become warped phenomenon will occur and what the reason, cause the U. S. profile of paper tape case become warped?

according to our company for many years of experience.

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the masking tape case become warped of the following reasons:

1. Glue viscosity is too weak, may be due to production is to use the glue quality closes nevertheless, or glue place for so long, viscosity decreased, the proposal goes to normal manufacturer to purchase;  

2。 On the surface, pressure is not enough, the solution is simple, is labeled, reoccupy force according to a few times more;  

    3. Surface roughness is not high, the different object is different because the material and shape, so lead to surface roughness is different also, so lead to easy case become warped, Suggestions for different surfaces, choose different viscosity of the masking tape;

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