How to prevent and deal with polypropylene anti-corrosive tape bond not firm

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Polypropylene anti-corrosive tape as the name implies, the effect of pipeline corrosion resistance, so its use range is very wide, like we use the common adhesive tape, if there is a dust itself to adhesive, so certain adhesive is not strong, in order to avoid this situation happened, anticorrosive tape before use must also be prepared to deal with, let's together to have a look at the specific methods: < br />
1, polypropylene anti-corrosive tape before construction, use sand blasting of steel pipe derusting, as far as possible to achieve high in derusting category. < br />
2, if there are no conditions for sandblasting derusting, after remove rust steel preheating, with sand paper in steel pipe grinding polishing of careful as far as possible, and then in besmear brushs paint. < br />
3, primer part A and part B must mix stir well, if there is no mixing and curing agent local also can appear rickety phenomenon. < br />
4, if the polypropylene anti-corrosion tape no conditions at the scene, can only manual derusting words of advice after cleaning with some fine sand in the steel pipe surface friction again, so that we can remove the rust and oil stains on the surface of the steel pipe. < br />
5, polypropylene anti-corrosive tape besides derusting, also need to steel tube to remove moisture, preheating, etc. < br />
that is about the prevention and treatment of polypropylene anti-corrosion tape bond not firm, in general, the main reason why this happens is to use the method of improper, in actual use, therefore, we should be pay attention to, mixing the primer, necessary cleaning job, and after the paste to tide, preheating, etc. , so that it can solve this problem well.
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