How to prevent the sealing tape from breaking? Guangdong sealing tape wholesale

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
There are many types of wholesale adhesive tapes, and packaging tape is a very important product, but it may break during its use. How to prevent it? The following Guangdong sealing tape wholesale will share with you! 1. When you receive the packaging tape, please be careful not to cut directly from the middle with a knife, but from both ends. The lower knife should not be too deep. The thickness of the carton is very thin. The packaging tape in contact with it has a little knife wound on it, and the whole roll is scrapped, and it will break as soon as it is pulled. Therefore, please be careful when unpacking, and try to avoid contact between knife tips or sharp objects with the packaging tape. 2. During the use of the packaging tape, the colloid should not be contacted by sharp objects. The packaging tape is relatively fragile and should not be damaged as much as possible. 3. The packaging tape used is regular. If it has been broken from one place, the roll of packaging tape may have been damaged.
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