How to recognize by the quality of plastic bags?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Scope of application of plastic bags in our daily life more extensive, but should pay attention to when buy, avoid to the poor quality of the plastic bags.     1, smell. Good quality plastic bags is tasteless; A stimulating abnormal smell or taste of a poor materials.     2, touch. With the hand touch surface of plastic packaging bags, very smooth and is non-toxic; Sticky, hair acerbity, waxy feeling is toxic.     3, listening with ears. Use hand shaking, plastic bags issued a ringing sound show good quality bags; The sound small, stuffy is less plastic bags.

    4, the method of observation. Good quality plastic bags with a white, transparent or slightly transparent, uniform texture; Poor color or is white, but the transparency is poor, the turbidity, tensile plastic surface uneven, with small particles.     5, submerged test method. Put plastic bags into the water, with the hand to press it to the bottom, if the surface is the good quality of plastic bags, the sink in the bottom, do not have to choose.     6, combustion method. Choose flammable, yellow flame tip, local cyan, burns like candle tears dripping, the smell of paraffin wax plastic bags; The quality of the plastic bags are not easy burning, away from the fire that is quenched, flame cutting edge or yellow, black, green at the bottom, can soften the wiredrawing, also can smell a pungent smell.

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