How to reduce the appearance of adhesive residue on tape? transparent tape factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
The transparent tape production factory will share with you: in the process of using the tape, we have exhausted all kinds of methods in order to tear off the tape well, so how to make the tape when there is no tool Tear it off, Xiaoming will come and talk to you next. When peeling at an angle of about 90°, the measured peeling force is small, and it is less likely to cause glue residue. It is less likely to cause glue residue if the peeling speed is moderately slow. 15 ~ 38 ℃ peeling operation environment and the temperature of the attached surface are less likely to cause glue residue, and it is better to approach the low temperature part. Clear tape production factory Tearing tape also requires a certain scientific basis. Foshan sealing tape customized reminder, as long as we use scientific methods, we can prevent the occurrence of residual glue residues to a great extent.
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