How to remove residues in the double-sided adhesive on the wall

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

how to remove residues on the wall of the double-sided gum < br / >

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1, hair dryer, use hair dryer blowing, blowing hot tape, double-sided adhesive heat such as soft, gently tore down

2, in anhydrous alcohol and white oil can also be erased

3, with white vinegar, white vinegar to make available double-sided adhesive completely soaked, and with her nails can slowly replaster

4, with rubber double-sided adhesive residue will also be erased,

5, use toothpaste to daub is on tape and then slowly erase with a clean damp cloth.

6, with a little vinegar added detergent, evenly coated on the trace of double-sided adhesive, wait a few minutes, let its full after soaking can wipe with dry cloth.

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