How to remove the masking tape with a few tips to solve your troubles?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-08

Under normal circumstances, there are many types and specifications of masking tape on the market, and different types and specifications have different widths and lengths. At this time, their prices are naturally different. In addition, single-buy and bulk wholesale prices will also be different. If the factory directly approves, the price per roll is often lower. This is also the way many purchasers choose.

At present, the price of masking tape is about 1-3 yuan per roll, but the specific masking tape price still depends on the United States. There are also manufacturers for the specifications and types of textured tape. Generally speaking, the price of masking tape we often ask mainly refers to ordinary plain masking tape, unless there are special requirements, then it is a different matter. After we use the perfect texture tape, sometimes it needs to be removed, but because the masking tape is very sticky, it needs a certain method when removing it to reduce the residue. Next, let’s introduce how to mask the tape. Better removal effect?

First of all, in order to ensure that the tape is better and easier to remove, we can first use a hair dryer to wait for the tape and blow it with hot air for a while, so that the tape is removed It will be easier when it is time, and it will be easier to clear the glue when it is at a high temperature. Secondly, although the current masking tape has fewer residues, sometimes there are still some traces. For this problem, after the above steps, we can use wind oil or alcohol to wipe on a dry cloth to remove the effect. It's relatively clean, and it's not bothersome.

Then wipe it again with a clean cloth. Through the above tips, the masking tape can be removed well, and see It is similar to the one that has not used tape.

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