How to resolve residue in the high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in glue that how to solve for such scene, the key to control the PET high temperature resistant adhesive tape supplier quality, before the adhesive tape supplier batch supply required high temperature sampling test, the tested preliminarily selected PET high temperature tape, contentment after the company requirements, in producing because PET high temperature tape produced belongs to the highly skilled craft, and the original information contain chemical composition, and each customer's application situation, coating equipment, skills, produce process, personnel gathered many elements such as the operation. < br / > to find and isolate the residual JiaoGong ordinary cotton can be used to take a few days can wipe the water cleaning, also can use the same type of adhesive tape to stick adhesive tape residue.  

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