How to solve the high temperature tape residue phenomenon

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
First of all, to confirm whether the use of its high temperature resistance high temperature tape data conform to the requirements of the production, we usually require heat resistance of the lacquer that bake - 210 degrees 220 degrees, 180 degrees - 2113 injection usually requirements 200 degrees ( Depending on the coating process, the temperature tolerance requirement is different, the above data are for reference only) ;

2, coated line or painting line whether the temperature data of 5261 in the range of process requirement, the temperature is too high, check the furnace temperature sensor is normal; 4102

3, high temperature adhesive tape of the quality problem of product itself, whether high temperature adhesive tape in the process of coating production in strict accordance with the pressure sensitive adhesive baking data heat curing, curing time is not enough, or 1653 coating linear speed too fast, will lead to the bottom of the glue, coating glue inside, and base material can't ingredients;

4, after high temperature adhesive tape coating, semi-finished products should be let stand for 2 - 3 days time, Fang Kefu volume cut points for use, its purpose is to let the combination of glue and base material, glue solidified completely under the natural state;

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