How to solve the warping phenomenon of tape edge? carton sealing paper factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Whether it is sealing tape or masking tape, there will be a phenomenon of edge warping during use. The sealing tape manufacturer will summarize the reasons for this phenomenon and how to solve it. The stickiness of the tape is not large enough, and some inferior tapes have low stickiness or even non-stickiness. Therefore, we must know the skills of purchasing tapes to avoid the appearance of inferior products. At the same time, the production of sealing bags in Chongqing should also be operated regularly and supply high-quality products. adhesive tape. Sealing tape production plant. The pressure of the labeling machine roller is not enough. This is mainly a problem in the production process, so in the process of pressing the tape, it is necessary to master the appropriate pressure of the pressure roller and choose the appropriate glue material.
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