How to use and use masking paper

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-07

How to use:

When using masking tape, the adherend should be kept dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and effect of the tape.

Apply a certain amount of force to make the masking tape and the adherend get a good combination

When using, do not use the masking tape in random combinations. Because the characteristics of each type of masking tape are different, there will be many unforeseen failures after mixed use.

When using masking tape, pay attention to certain Tension, don't let the masking tape bend. Because if the masking tape does not have a certain tension, it is easy to stick to it

Different environments and different sticky objects, the same tape will show different results, so if it needs to be used in large quantities , Please try it out before use

After use, the masking tape should be peeled off as soon as possible to avoid residual glue



Masking paper is a kind of high-tech decoration and spraying paper (due to its special performance, also known as color separation paper), it is widely used in interior decoration and household Spray paint for electrical appliances and spray paint for high-end luxury cars.

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