How to use cloth tape? How to use cloth tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-10
Nowadays, cloth tape is widely used in the carpet industry. Basically, wholesale carpet manufacturers will basically use cloth tape. They naturally know how to use their products. I am afraid it is not necessarily clear how to use cloth tape.

Mastering the use of cloth tape is important for both wholesalers and users of cloth tape. Next, let me give you advice on how to use cloth tape.

1. Clean the floor before using the cloth tape. The necessary condition for the use of cloth tape is the need for a clean and tidy ground environment. Imagine that if the ground is not cleaned and there is a lot of flying dust on the ground, it will inevitably affect the effect of the cloth tape, causing the cloth tape to not be firmly attached due to foreign objects. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the ground first, and do not leave dust and water. This is one way to use it.

2. Prepare the carpet with cloth tape that matches the color of the carpet, and lay the cloth base where needed. At this time, it is best to choose the same or similar colors of cloth and carpet. In this way, the color of the entire carpet laying is more coordinated. Otherwise, if the color selection is inconsistent, pressing 'No' will easily make the cloth-based glue use uncoordinated, which will affect the aesthetics of the entire scene.

3. When the cloth tape is pasted on the seam, the upper layer of the carpet needs to cover the area of u200bu200bthe lower layer. This is also an important point in the three-point usage method we teach you. When laying, there is a skill to pay attention to that where the two carpets are connected, the upper carpet needs to cover the lower part, which can cover an area of u200bu200babout 10 cm, so that the cloth tape is used to stick it on the edge.

If the user’s method of use is incorrect, the two carpets are placed side by side at zero distance, and then the cloth base is pasted at the gap on both sides, so that although it is pasted, it will be as time and people move around. , It is easy to affect the effect of cloth tape, and it will not stick.

In short, in the process of buying and using cloth tape, you need to understand the methods and experience we give you, and master it, so as not to affect the effect of use.

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