How to use invisible tape have?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Invisible tape is ivory products, is not literally transparent color, it is mainly used for paper surface piercing after repair the paper, the surface can also write, and there are no signs of too big, no shadow, when copying and transparent tape will not be able to write.

Invisible tape feature: the viscous force uniform, stable and no residue leaving traces and, in the surface of the duct tape can be written, easy solution volume, also can use hand to tear.

  It can be used for resin lens injection, print test, printed circuit board surface screen printing fastness testing purposes, also used for screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping surface fastness test, and can be used in paint, electroplating surface fastness testing, production, packaging, positioning.

  Invisible tape is also a kind of cultural office supplies. It can be placed for a long time, also can move the stick, and will not cause any damage to the surface, surface can also be used pencil, ball pen for writing, such as photocopying, fax, when a trace, use is transparent. Invisible tape is sealed file repair, paste, connection, and protection of the market.

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