How to use polypropylene anticorrosive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-03
Nowadays, there are a wide range of anti-corrosion material products on the market, but polypropylene anti-corrosion tape stands out among many products because of its own performance, and it is very convenient to use and has good adhesion. But if you want the product to play The desired use effect requires us to follow the correct operation steps when using it, so that Ouni can play its own anti-corrosion effect. What is the method of using the anti-corrosion tape? Let us take a look together.

  (1) The use of polypropylene anticorrosive tape requires treatment of the surface of the steel pipe: derusting, removing welding slag, burrs, oil, dirt and keeping it clean and dry. Manual rust removal should reach St3 level, and mechanical rust removal should reach Sa2 level, and meet the requirements of SY/J4007-86.

  (2). Primer: Use special matching primer, keep away from fire when using, stir evenly and apply evenly with a clean brush, roller or other mechanical methods. Primer dosage: manual coating 12㎡/L, mechanical coating 20㎡/L.

  (3), after the primer surface is dry (usually 5-10 minutes), you can wrap the polypropylene anticorrosive tape.

  (4). Backfilling of the lower ditch: After passing the quality inspection, the ditch can be lowered.

   We all know that the use of polypropylene anti-corrosion tape is to solve the anti-corrosion problem, so you must follow the above methods when using it, so that the product can better solve the pipeline anti-corrosion problem. It must be done during operation. Remember to operate step by step, in case you are unable to determine which step is to be operated and which step is not operated due to the wrong sequence. This will affect the effect of the product and delay the normal construction progress, and the gain will not be worth the loss.
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