How to use the gold finger tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
How to use the gold finger tape?

goldfinger tape its initial adhesion is good, and the use of any residual glue, very suitable for painting and baking chamber coating covered or electronic industry, etc. , can be glued well protected. It has the characteristics of flexibility, tear resistance, oil resistance, very suitable for wet areas, have prevent paint peeling effect.

goldfinger tape is actually a shading effect, such as spray paint spray when you don't want to have a place to, then you can be stuck in this place of gold finger polyimide tape, so that it can be bold to cast, even if the brush to the auric goldfinger tape it doesn't matter. Goldfinger tape are three types of high temperature, medium and low, mainly is the difference between the glue. Different glue will have different levels of heat-resistant, its price is not the same.

goldfinger tape is very easy to use, it bring many convenience to our life, its price is very cheap.

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