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What does current you think of younger you? It must be one of the oddest experiences when you saw yourself being recreated as you were. Jeff Bridges: It was very odd, It wasn't actually me it was a rendition created by some wonderful artists and the rendition was a version of me from 25/30 years ago. They referenced two of my old films, I think they zeroed in on Against All Odds, that era. My wife was called in to give it the final OK and then I was moulded in silicone, then it's scanned into the computer and I drive that image. It was very bizarre, the final result felt like when I heard my voice for the first time on a tape recorder, it was very bizarre. Other than your younger self, can you give us some context into how the technology has advanced from when you made the first film? Obviously it was cutting edge then as it is now. Jeff Bridges: Yeah I was looking at this table cloth, a fake high quality velvet (laughs). Our set back then was black cloth with white adhesive tape, that was The Grid back in those days. Of course those were the days when there was no internet and we used to carry mobile phones around in suitcases, it was a completely different world. I remember talking about it one day with Joe, scanning myself into the computer, it was make believe in the first one but I said 'Joe this is real, I'm getting scanned'. I was fascinated by the technology that we used in this one, this motion capture. Making movies without cameras, or sets, or make up, or costumes, it was all new to me. It was challenging because you know for me as an actor I love cameras, I love knowing where the camera is. Costumes help you get into character, but you had to really work with your imagination on this one....back to when you were a kid, when you certainly didn't have a camera so you had to rely a lot on your imagination. What were your requirements to making the second movie? And how much of Clu is you and how much is your digital counterpart? Jeff Bridges: I think Disney were very smart with how they played this, there were rumours going around for the whole 28 years that there was going to be another Tron made, I finally stopped believing in it, until one day I got the call and they said 'no this is real' and Joe pitched his story. That was important to me, who was going to be at the helm of this thing, who was going to direct it and the fact that Joe's an architect was wonderful, he would bring a sense of design to the film. The fact that he was a first timer didn't bother me, I've had wonderful experiences with first time directors before that were both creative and financially successful. We haven't done much better than Citizen Kane, that was a first timer. The other thing that Disney were really smart about was keeping Steven Lisberger in the picture, he wrote the first, he directed the first, he was also a first time director. Disney were very smart to keep him in the picture. Clu....it's odd because one of the best things about making movies in general is that it is a very collaborative art form, you're working with all these other artists to create a magic trick in a way, this was that to the Nth degree. The face is mine but the body isn't, I had to work closely with John Reardon who played my body in Tron to show him what I was doing. It was kind of interesting because it wasn't exactly how I would do it so it kind of worked for Clu because it wasn't exactly me It was an interpretation of me, just like the head. I ran the expressions but the face itself wasn't me. Are you surprised at how Tron has endured over the years, being that it wasn't a huge success when it first came out? Jeff Bridges: Yeah, that is interesting. As you say it wasn't a big hit, I think it was a bigger hit over here (UK) than in America. But it was a great fondness for technology and I think all the folks who see this one it will rekindle some of their own childhood they remember the first time they saw it. Did you feel a sense of nostalgia revisiting the character this time around? Jeff Bridges: In a way, especially having Lisberger around. It felt like we had a long weekend and picked up right where we left off. We had a lot of the same energy, then all of the new elements kept my mind occupied. Hanging out with Olivia and Garrett and Joe and the technology, this new energy was pretty consuming, so it wasn't so much nostalgia.
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