Identify the true and false of masking tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
The masking tape is one of the many tape classification, it mainly USES the crepe paper and pressure sensitive glue as the main raw material, in the U. S. profile of paper coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, the other side coated to prevent sticking material roll of adhesive tape. However, due to the current market sales of U. S. profile of paper tape is really false, many friends because of don't understand, identify and lead to choose the beauty of the false masking tape. Then we should be how to identify the masking tape of true and false?

  1, stick to the pinched and fast, can pull on one side of the glue out, you can see the purity of the original film and transparency. The most important thing is to see the thickness of glue, if there is no glue is opened or dot, this glue is a have a lot of impurities, glue no cohesion.

        2, water too much, have evaporated, viscous fluid at the beginning of this tape has fallen so much that feel is able to distinguish. Tape after the color of the whole roll and open a color difference is not big, because the tape has the greatly strengthened covered, there is no color overlay.
        Surface of 3, watch tape, adhesive tape first after article points into finished products have bubbles, place a week after the bubble will be dispersed, basic pure tincture fat glue tape smooth surface, no white dots, impurities mixed with adhesive tape has many irregular distribution of white point, pressure does not disperse with the hand, and bubble is not the same.
        4, when choosing tape must see clearly the width and the thickness of the adhesive tape masking tape, formal production of adhesive tape paper tube with high density of paper tube, plane without the paper scraps, and the thickness of the tube, 100 meters below the tape is 3 mm, 100 meters above the 4 - 5 mm, and small businesses to deceive consumer use thick paper tube, usually thickness to 5 - 7 mm thickness and the appearance is large, but the glue are obviously more thick.
        5, don't feel alone feeling viscosity, because at the beginning of doping tape in the absence of volatile viscous force is very high, want to use tape paste objects, then quickly pull the retention repeatedly paste to hand over a few times, you obviously feel came down.

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