Identifying whether high temperature textured paper tape quality method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

identifying whether high temperature textured paper tape quality what is the method, together with adhesive tape factory below small make up to get to know. < br />

first, is to look at, good high temperature textured paper tape is to have a very good the humidity resistance and solvent resistance of two matching and some prevention and sexual and absorbency, and the quality of the paper is required to have temperature resistance and good flexibility, so we must first understand this, excellent high temperature textured paper tape it is set to uniform colour and lustre is gentle, will not have a color superimposed and mixed miserably noise, but also for high quality crepe paper is there would be no incomplete glue and seepage glue.
2: pull, for excellent crepe paper of its own this tensile ability is very strong with good tensile strength, is that some won't be long after fission phenomenon and the easy breaking.
the third: shaking, not only has its tensile strength and volume, so when you're using began to shake a few times, viscosity is very good not easy to slip down.
4: touch, for high quality why crepe paper quality, the hungry, there is a reason for the persistence of viscous fluid viscosity and retention is very high. So basically by touch can feel after you get out of.
5: smell, this method must be very few people will go to use, but it is also a kind of method, then I have to introduce, by the way, generally a few manufacturer for less cost, will use some is not in conformity with the provisions of the operation, using a hybrid dissolved gas and acid agent, so you will smell has a lot to the smell of high temperature textured paper tape, so according to the legal compliance is to dissolve with toluene, through some environmental security processing, so there is no too big the pungent smell of

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