Identifying whether high temperature textured paper tape quality method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
According to the classification of the masking tape was also has the following USES

1. High temperature textured paper ( Heat-resistant 120 degrees) : high temperature paint, painting, electronic industry, etc.

2。 The normal temperature (crepe paper Heat-resistant 60 degrees) : decoration painting enveloping at room temperature, light dress, fixed light objects, cotton velvet removal, packing and so on.

3。 Medium temperature (crepe paper Heat-resistant 80 degrees) : the automobile cover of spray paint, paint coating covered, etc.

discriminate whether high temperature textured paper tape quality

1. Watch

good quality high temperature textured paper tape color uniform soft, there will be no color and mixed chaotic stack mixed color, for the high quality will not have residual crepe paper glue and glue.


for itself, the quality of crepe paper, the tensile ability is very strong, has good tensile strength, fission after won't appear the phenomenon of long time and easy to fracture.

3。 Shake

it not only has its tensile strength and expansion force, and pull when use it and shake a few times, it is very sticky, not easily slide.

4。 Touch

why is it that, for a high quality paper quality to high quality, this is a reason for that, because the viscosity is very high and stamina of retention. So, basically, you can feel it after get it.

5。 Smell of

this method will be very few people can use, but it is also a kind of method, so I can introduce, by the way, generally some manufacturers to reduce costs, will use some do not conform to the rules of operation, the use of hybrid dissolved gas and acid agent, so you will smell has a great smell of the high temperature masking tape, so according to law is dissolved the toluene, and by some environmental security processing, so there is no too many irritating smell.


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