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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-13
practice golf Swinging The face of the mirror swing correct posture, soft foam balls will not damage furniture, interior space enough attention to exercise full swing. Practice golf puttering by the door Feet shoulder width, both hands flat on the ball forward, the club and the body 90 degrees. First gently resist the door, just below his left eye sight is placed on the location of the ball, the ground marked with adhesive tape and the door of a vertical line. Note that stability of the launch of the face, the ball will not deviate from the line of tape posted. Use auxiliary appliance to train golf puttering Simply puttering practice, increased by 6-foot putt within scoring rate, if there is no trainer, you can use a square pen. Choosing the right golf clubs is going to allow you to play batter golf & most importantly enjoy your golf more. Ask for advice from a qualified PGA golf professional or club fitter, this will allow you to make better choice when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your game. Enjoy your golf.
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