Impact resistance test of polypropylene anticorrosive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-03
Nowadays, the society pays attention to environmental protection, but with the increasing importance of pipeline anti-corrosion problems, there are many types of anti-corrosion tapes on the market, but because polypropylene anti-corrosion tapes are used, they will not produce substances that pollute the environment. , So it is well recognized and used by everyone, and the tape is very convenient to construct and has good anti-corrosion and impact resistance. However, the tape will inevitably be resisted when it is used, so in order to ensure the impact resistance of the product If it meets the label, the user will conduct an impact resistance test, so how to test it?

Preparation for impact resistance test of    polypropylene anticorrosive tape:

  1, electric spark leak detector, 0~30kV.

  2. The impact testing machine mainly includes: the vertical guide tube of the impact hammer, the smooth inner wall of the tube to ensure that the impact hammer falls, the diameter of the spherical punch of the impact hammer is 25mm, and the horizontal sample tube holder.

  3. Thickness gauge, 0~5mm.

  4. Specimen size: Specimen size is DN100mm×350mm×3mm, each group contains 3 specimens.

  5. Test procedure

  ① Place the polypropylene anticorrosive tape test piece at 23℃±2℃ for at least 2h.

  ②Place the test piece on the horizontal test piece holder of the impact testing machine, and make sure that the impact hammer is perpendicular to the surface of the test piece.

  ③Adjust the impact energy to the specified value, and impact the test piece. Each test piece is impacted 10 times, and the interval between two points is at least 30mm.

   During the impact resistance test of polypropylene anticorrosive tape, we must strictly follow the correct steps to ensure the accuracy of the test results. Of course, for our own safety, to prevent ourselves from being splashed by liquids, we must wear them before the test Take the corresponding protective measures, and because it is inevitable that you will come into contact with some chemical substances or dangerous things during the tape test, if you accidentally hurt it, it will cause indescribable things, so we must take timely countermeasures .
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